Secure Payment

Terms and settlement prices

The OLMAGI prices apply to all customers on the same date. They are fixed by the tariff in force at the date of placing the order. They always hear the unit amount excluding taxes and from the address of our office in SAINT DIDIER.
They are calculated net without discount. The customer orders are subject to our accounting department. In case of denial of coverage, you may be asked to order a settlement or delivery.
Unless otherwise agreed, and subject to the acceptance of our accounting department, the OLMAGI invoices are payable on or before the thirtieth day after the date of receipt. Unless otherwise agreed, no discount will be given for early payment. Invoices are payable to OLMAGI BP3 84210 PERNES FOUNTAINS draft, wire transfer or check. Pout ordering customized products to customer demand a down payment of at least 30 to 50% may be requested from the customer before beginning execution of the order. For any invoice remains partially or completely unpaid when due, the unpaid amount will be increased as of right, without prior penalties for delay remains at a rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate in force in addition to a lump sum of € 40 as compensation for recovery costs. The amounts will be increased by over 15% as damages. Default interest is payable from the day following the settlement date on the invoice, if the sums due are paid after that date. Penalties for late payment are due as a result of a first written reminder.
In default of payment, even partial, or in case of a dispute concerning the payment of at least an invoice from OLMAGI, in accordance with these terms and conditions, OLMAGI reserves the right, until full payment of amounts due :

  • To suspend performance of any subsequent orders
  • And / or refuse any future orders from the customer
  • And / or order the cancellation of the sale of right after sending a registered notice by mail up with AR been unsuccessful during a period of 15 calendar days of receipt.
  • And / or make the balance payable on the other invoices issued to the customer.
  • And / or require a cash payment for any future orders.

The measures set out above does not extinguish the customer's debt to OLMAGI.